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Episode: Storm's Reflection

Posted by Story on 12/15/17
A battered fleet arrives in Maelstrom, carrying High Lord Victus and Princess-Consort Alarissa and Lady Lethe Tyde. It comes escorted by Duke Harald and Lord Ian and a large section of the Grim Fleet and one small, newly-battered cog its alternately cheerful and cursing captain calls The Magpie. As Victus sets Magpie and Mae Grayhope loose on Maelstrom, one brave shipwright has the presence of mind to ask hesitantly, "What's that on the bowsprit?" For impaled on the long spear of wood is a creature the likes of which has rarely been seen - save for some truly awful carvings in Maelstrom proper. To the east, a storm brews in the Darkwater.