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Episode: Ill Winds and Bad Tides, Part 2

Posted by Story on 12/14/17
The ship that was sent to the Inquisition to transport shiny Platinum Ballistae (and a pretty pink bow) has seen some unusual activity. First, a wagon rolls up at the end of the day. Then the sounds of movement and work and hammering have been heard all through the night. And in the morning, a wagon laden with something covered with a huge load of canvas is pulled slowly off the ship and south out of town. Guarded by a hard-looking group of Inquisitors and twenty of the King's Own the group heads out in the early morning light.

Some injured Inquisitors come back later in the day - much later - and buy a wagon, which they are forced to purchase at a ridiculous price from a hard-eyed merchant who sees their need and doubles the price. And later in the day the wagon returns, laden and covered. Those escorting it now are just as cautious, but also bandaged. And the Master of Question who has overseen this process is now walking with a visible limp, though there's excitement in his eyes as he glances at the canvas covering the large object.

Not too long after the wagon returns to the ship and collects the rest of what must be the platinum ballistae, rolling down under the guard of the Inquisition while the mysterious ship sails away, inscrutable and unexplained.