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Episode: Ill Winds and Bad Tides, Part 2

Posted by Story on 12/07/17
Under the auspices of Archlector Madeleine's leadership, a large group of the Faithful make an effort to cleanse Mangata's statue. Various things are tried -- holy water, holy flame, rituals of prayer and beseeching -- with varying degrees of effectiveness.

Some of the Disciples involved claim the greenish-black algae squirmed and writhed like a living thing under the ministrations of the Faith, with others claim that even holy weapons couldn't cut the algae away from the statue. In the end, however, those involved manage between all their rituals to improve the state of the statue: Mangata's feet are revealed once more, though discolored where the strange algae slime once coated it.

Meanwhile, the rest of the algae remains thickly clumped on the base of the statue.