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Episode: Darkwater Rising

Posted by Story on 09/23/17
In the Thrax Ward in Arx, a small group has been working hard to track down rumors of blood magic, evil, and sacrifices in the Thrax Ward. Lady Titania Kennex, Princess Donella Redrain, Lord Sivard Grimhall, Dame Morrighan, Captain Skapti Thrallson have been most successful, and everyone is extremely glad that it turned out to be some drug addled minions and their boss, who accidentally flung himself into the sea and was eaten by sharks. As it happened, they also managed to save some thralls who were captured. It wasn't entirely clear what was going to happen there either, but whatever that weird drug cult was, it is no more, thanks to those brave souls. Seacallers, you say? That's not what happened. Not at /all/. That's totally not even a thing.