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Episode: Darkwater Rising

Posted by Story on 09/16/17
Elsewhere in the Mourning Isles, Lord Archeron Tyde has been put in charge of preparations at Tydehall. Refugees start arriving not long after, in ships and boats and even smaller craft. Construction starts in earnest on new longhouses to shelter all these people, and the smokehouses are full of fish and small game smoking to feed the additional population. The doors are open and ready for women and children to shelter while men take care of business, in typical Thrax fashion. But then, there are more women joining the men on board ships these days, which makes superstitious sailors eye them warily but definitely gives them more womanpower to do what needs doing. As more and more news filters back from the Mourning Sea and Maelstrom, more people are taking advantage of the House of Tyde's generous offer.