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Episode: Darkwater Rising

Posted by Story on 09/15/17
Another day, and more ships leave Arx Harbor - Princess Fatima Thrax's fleet sets sail, off to patrol the seas, wrangle pirates, clear out threats to Maelstrom and the Compact and maybe - just maybe - send the denizens of the Darkwater Deeps back from whence they came whilst - and at the same time - exploring on a desperate mission to find weapons to use to protect the Compact against the Beast that burns with endless hunger. Just out of sight of the mainland the main fleet splits into three smaller fleets, and now it is Princess Fatima Thrax, Count Turo Navegant, Countess Aella Ravenseye, Lord Estaban Saik, and Branwen Stormfeather who face the first test. A fleet of ships is sighted on the horizon, scouted from high in a crow's nest on the flagship from which Princess Fatima and Count Turo issue orders...