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Episode: Darkwater Rising

Posted by Story on 09/15/17
But perhaps the prayers to Mangata have helped, for as morning comes, the rain turns to a light spring rain - even in the dead of winter. And the wind that blows is warm and gentle, and from the west not the east. It pushes back the scent of something foul that hangs on the air over the creatures that attack Maelstrom, and as the sun rises, the creatures drop, one by one. For a day and a night the reinforcements held back creatures the likes of which have not been seen on the island. Indeed, most of those soldiers won't even talk about the Battle for Maelstrom except to shudder and reach for a drink. But those who fought will be remembered - Reese, Killian, Luca, Graham, Sparte, Arianna, Clara, Eilonwy, Faelan, Tobias, Preston. No one had seen anything quite like it here on the plain east of Maelstrom, but no one will ever forget. Maelstrom is safe - for now. But in the new day, one wonders - how long will this last, and what comes next?