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Episode: Gray Forest Shenanigans II

Posted by Story on 09/13/17
It said that while on the Gray Forest Mission a party went out to collect plants as medical supplies were running low. The party included Mistress Eilonwy, Seraph Ailith, Lady Khanne, Lady Clara and Prince Calarian. When they didn't return after a bit, Princess Reese was heard grumpling about how how her cousin was probably off flirting. After a bit longer, it is said she started to get worried and sent a rescue party. The rescue party was lead by Mistress Shard, included Prince Luca, Mistress Arianna, Master Sparte and Master Merek. They found them captured by a agents of the horned god who were getting ready to burn them at the stake. Mistress Shard lead a daring, clever and successful rescue mission. Although some rumors suggest that Master Sparte lured many of the captors away while singing. It is said he fought against overwhelming odds. Mistress Shard the Valorous Few took care of the enemy archers and Lady Arianna handled the abyss tainted canines. Prince Luca and Master Merek fought their way through the camp to rescue those captured. Master Merek did take a blow from a frightened prisoners, but is said he recovered.