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Episode: Gray Forest Shenanigans

Posted by Story on 09/05/17
Strange stories are being told of the Gray Forest Mission. One such rumor is that they ran into agents of the Horned God who were on a hunt. Another rumor suggests that Lord Killian was gravely injured while fighting against an agent of the horned god. Other reports say that the weather has been awful and many on the mission have suffered cold related injuries. "I really hope that Prince Luca comes back in one piece and without frostbite." A barmaid at the Murder of Crow was heard lamenting. "The Ashfords were zipping around on trees out in the forest like they are birds." Someone said at the Badger Inn. "No that was the Rivens!" another responded with.

A more specific story reported that under the command of Lord Corban a party that included Lady Monique, Lord Killian, Master Sparte, Dame Alexis, Lady Clara, Countess Mia and Inquisitor Alistair went deep into the forest and were gone twenty four hours. They returned with frost bite, claw injuries, tales of dire bears and about 30 Crownlands Shav under the command tribeswoman Brunhilda. "That group of Shavs was mostly kids, the elderly and the injured." the storyteller added.

It also said that Mistress Shard, Duchess Margot, Lady Khanne and Prince Calarian were quite charming some some Northern Shavs that for some reason they strangely ran into a non-northern part of the forest. "I believe that Lady Khanne will come back with some new vassals for her house." Someone murmured.