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Episode: Post Season 1 Intermission

Posted by Story on 07/22/17
Prince Edain Valardin and his advisory council, Princess Alis Valardin and Count Athaur Rivenshari, gave a hearing to Abellus Iron Foot and Kanean Iron Foot who were charged with trying to incite a riot to break the cease fire between Oathland Shavs and House Valardin, and conspiracy to depose the current chief of the Iron Foot Abandoned tribe. They were found innocent of charges, having been decieved by their father, Tuscak Iron Foot. Statements were taken from Serad Iron Foot, now squire to Prince Edain, to confirm their stories. They were given an opportunity to join House Rivenshari, and gave their fealty by bended knee to Count Athaur Rivenshari.

Rumors fly that there as an attempt made on Prince Edain Valardin, Princess Alis Valardin and Princess Alarissa Valardin by assassins at the hearing. Prince Fergus Redrain and Prince Fiachra Valardin are said to have stopped the attempts with the help of Duke Cristoph Laurent, Lord Gaston Blackram and Lady Eirlys Greenmarch. Princess Alarissa had to be taken to the House of Solace under Princess Sophie's care. Prince Edain Valardin has been seeing to her recovery personally. Bodies of a guard and household servant are said to have been found in the wine cellar with a tampered wine barrel. A commoner was taken under custody and now sits in the dungeon awaiting execution. Abellus Iron Foot and Kanean Iron Foot claim they had nothing to do with these events.