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Episode: Oathlands Justice

Posted by Story on 06/11/17
House Valardin invited citizens of Arx to witness the trial by combat of Tuscak Iron Foot. His crimes included inciting a riot to break the cease fire between Oathland Shavs and House Valardin, and conspiracy to depose the current chief of the Iron Foot Abandoned tribe. Normally, Tuscak as an Abandoned would not be granted the courtesy of a trial and just be executed outright, but Prince Edain generously agreed to trial by combat to give leaders of select Abandoned tribes a chance to witness Sentinel's justice.

Many of the citizens of Arx came to observe the trial, which had a few twists. Serad Iron Foot, recognized leader of the Iron Foot tribe, went down on bended knee before Prince Edain and swore his tribe's fealty to House Valardin to forever become prodigals in the Compact, inciting his uncle's anger. This action seemed to incite Tuscak's anger, who was disrespectful during the trial. Sir Roland stood for House Valardin and fought bravely against the vile villain. After trading blows, both bleeding from their wounds, Sir Roland finally was guided by the Sentinel's hand to land the final blow of justice by cleaving Tuscak's head from his shoulders. Prince Edain declared justice was served. Magistrate Octavia confirmed the will of the Sentinel had been done.