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Episode: Thwarted Assassination

Posted by Story on 05/28/17
Shouts of alarm were raised yesterday at the Valardin Manor, and word trickles out that a woman was found dead in the hallways of the noble bedrooms, a platinum haired lass dressed in armor. As further details emerge, what at first seemed to have been the assassination of Princess Alis turns out to be the murder of an Oathlander Knight, one Dame Lynet, who bares more than a passing resemblance for the Princess. Thanks to the quick work of Lord Ywaine and Lady Isabeau, added by the assistance of Princess Alis herself and Prince Edain, the assailant's methods were discovered and a hiding location tracked down.

Led by Princess Alis, Prince Fiachra, Lady Eirlys, Lady Joslyn and the Princess Katarina struck into the heart of the den of the attackers in a section of the Lowers that had been abandoned due to structural issues in the aftermath of the siege. Not much word comes from what occurred inside of that decrepit building, but word on the street is there wasn't much left of the place after they were done, and the group emerged victorious if hurt, and dragging along one unconscious shav with them.