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Episode: Peregrine's Fall

Posted by Story on 05/25/17
With the increased patrols, and effort many had put in recently, it seemed most of the banditry in the Gray Forest in the wake of the Siege of Arx had been trimmed back, and many of the travelers walking the roads in the Gray Forest were relieved that the worst was over. So at first, most didn't think much when Princess Peregrine Grayson's patrol in the Gray Forest did not return... until her absence stretches to days. Eventually, another patrol finds what remains of her scouting party. The bodies of her scouting party are strewn over miles of the Gray Forest, all of them seeming to have been running from someone or something... but not Princess Peregrine. The former shav'arvani princess had died fighting, with a few brave companions, but just who is responsible is as of yet unclear. There were no bodies left of any enemy, just a great many of birds mournfully chirping in the clearing where she fell.