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Episode: Petrichor's Stewardship

Posted by Story on 05/13/17
It is generally known that before the Crownbreaker Wars in centuries past that the Faith of the Pantheon was far more ritualistic ceremonial, with extremely elaborate forms in the worship of the gods, with long prayers and songs that have been lost to the passage of time after several previous Domini decided to move to more accessible and less intensely complicated prayers and rituals. Much of that worship was thought gone forever, and so it comes as a surprise when unexpectedly it seems all at once thousands upon thousands of books are found all over the Compact about the worship of Petrichor. Hundreds of different rites for the blessing of pastures and groves, prayers for the sanctification of the wilds, blessings for hunts, information that seemed lost just very oddly is being spontaneously found. Hundreds of thousands of journals about that worship seem to all of a sudden just turn up. No one can quite explain it.