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Episode: Lost and Found

Posted by Story on 05/08/17
Not long after the wolf's altar is reported missing from the Shrine of the Lost, something else is found. A young godsworn on a peaceful, meditative stroll through the Sanctum of the Lost walks past a tree, trips, and falls into a temple. Most who frequent the Sanctum of the Lost agree that a whole entire temple wasn't there yesterday. The young godsworn himself swears, with certain vehemence, that it wasn't even there one minute ago (although young godsworn are sometimes clumsier than they'd like to admit, poor things). It is pointed out, pragmatically, that at least the missing altar has been found. The wolf's altar stands no longer in the Shrine of the Lost, but now stands, where it has perhaps always belonged, for all these long, lost years, in the Shrine of the First Choice.