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Episode: Seige Stories V

Posted by Story on 04/24/17
Three disguised bringers and six sell swords invaded the Hart, seemingly intent on taking out the Princess Valencia. They appeared in the guise of lovely women and seemed particular drawn to the princes - Luca and Barric. The brunette had eyes for Lady Juliet. Eventually they were revealed to be bringers! Master Rickard fought the sell swords working with the bringers, taking out two and showing great skill. Master Tallius fired his arrows while behind the bar while expressing concerns for the level of danger in Compact. Prince Luca took on the howling bringer, silencing her with a stab to the lungs. Prince Aurelian and Lord Edward protected the Princes Valencia. Prince Aurelian was badly injured when he took a blow meant for the Northern Fox. Lord Edward got creative and fought sell swords with a bottle. Lady Viviana fought a giant bringer, the sword having great skill. Prince Barric was close at her side, displaying why he is the Sword of Bastion. Lady Juliet fought the tempting brunette. For a moment it seemed like they flirting, but Lady Juliet, along with the help of Lord Ansel was able to take her down. Lord Ansel fought well in that battle, protecting the Valardin, like he so often does. Prince Remi cut down the sell sword who injured Prince Aurelian, keeping him and Princess Valencia alive in the process.