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Episode: Siege Stories IV

Posted by Story on 04/19/17
The Most Lamentable Tale of Thyrimus and Prisbe, A Comedy of Errors Disguised as a Heartwrenching Tragedy - the streets were positively abuzz for several days with the tales of the plays glory, with it reaching a fevered pitch amongst the populace the day of the public opening as rumors swirled that the King himself might be in attendance that night! The crowds pressing to try and enter the famed Blackrose Theater created such chaos that additional Iron Guard had to be deployed to the area, and the Valorous Few and Crimson Blades were both present in the employ of various nobles as guards. As those lucky enough to gain entry vanished within, donning ornate masks given to them as they entered, the crowds outside gradually dispersed as the play got underway.

The quality of the play remains, ultimately, lost amidst the chaos which follows as the tales emerging from the theater are wildly mixed. People seem to agree that Princess Isolde, the hostess, got things underway and that at some point Lady Tikva Riven was called upon to sing, either just before or right as intermission began. But from there, the tales become a mix of horror and fancy, as people speak of some kind of coordinated ambush or attack, launched by dozens of fighters in green masks. As the rumors swirl and spread it, details seem to bubble forth about the night. These tidbits are usually attributed to a Guardsman who a sisters friend knows, or a Crimson Blade who came to check upon an injured comrade, or perhaps a member of the Valorous Few who was overheard boasting amongst his comrades at the tavern, lending that splash of credibility to what is at best hearsay!

Soon though, the rumormill is telling of a cunning trap laid, no doubt with the conspiracy of the Princess Isolde Velenosa herself, as well as the entire company of the theater (to which the Lady Tikva Riven, as a featured performer is assumed a part). Of a combined strike force of Iron Guard, Valorous Few and Crimson Blades secreted into the theater's nooks and crannies. Storytellers declare their oaths that certain blades which are, in this time of struggle and war becoming renowned as the weapons of certain champions, attest to the presence of Prince Ainsley Grayson as Threnody held the stage, and that clearly Lord Commander Silas Mercier was amongst the green masks, as he was heard to call orders while Dirge set about it's gruesome busines. That Coinspinner emerged at the lead of the Valorous Few, proclaiming that Captain-General Audric was personally in command of the troops, and that the force of Crimson Blades holding the exit, allowing citizens to flee the chaos was under the crisp command of a man wielding spiral guarded Requiem, no doubt Lord General Tobias Telmar. The silvery pink short sword Devotion is becoming as known as Princess Reese Grayson, and the incredibly nimble figure fighting in tandem with her, ever the two returning together as the battle raged was most assuredly her betrothed Prince Luca Velenosa, his Viper's Soul in hand as he danced nimbly through the fray. Some claiming to have witnessed the aftermath say that Prince Aiden Grayson was seen in the care of Lady Eirene Malvici, being supported by Nisaa Whisper as he left, though others swear it was another archer. There are even wild stories going about that Princess Reese Grayson somehow struck the fiercest of the beasts and it was snuffed out in a blinding flash of light!

What is certain though, is that the bodies of over a half dozen Bringers, and over two score of their minions, along with several mercenaries and guardsmen, were removed from the Theater which, one might hear, is going to need cleaning and renovation.