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Episode: Siege Stories III

Posted by Story on 04/17/17
Silks in the Lower Buroughs is always a strange thing, but these days Arx is a city of many many strange things, so a small group of Oathland Nobles - Princess Alis Valardin, Lords Ansel and Percephon Telmar - being spotted alongside a Lycene commoner with an angry bird (Leola Allenatore, she trained some of the hounds used by the House of Solace, you know). Supposedly they asked some questions of groups of commoners travelling by. Supposedly, they found a bringer. Saved the people it was travelling with, and chased it all through the Lower Buroughs - some of the abandoned housing settlements. There's been some collateral damage, and gods, did you see how battered they looked going back through the gates? Still, with the Hand of Mercy, Princess Sophie Valardin, on hand to take care of their injuries, everyone lived. Well, except the Bringer.