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Episode: Siege Stories III

Posted by Story on 04/17/17
The streets of the city buzz with talk, likely exaggeration, of a sizeable group of Bringers and their minions who attacked in broad daylight in the heart of the city, where it would be least expected. For reasons unknown, their target was the Storied Blade, and they managed to bring the place briefly under siege. It is fortunate that the proprietor, Miss Hana Grayhope, is quite sought after for her skills at the forge. Within the shop when the attack began were Lord General Tobias Telmar of the Crimson Blades, Lord Commander Silas Mercier of the Iron Guard, Sir Roland Bergere, Lady Fiora Malvici and Master Tristan of the Royal Stables. The stories claim that they slaughtered the first to begin the attack and held the door from within, cutting down at least two bringers as they pushed into the shop, while Crimson Blade mercenaries who were outside awaiting their general and the quick responding Iron Guard, pressed the enemy from outside. The result, it seems, was a slaughter...though claims are that not one of the defenders save Lady Fiora, who emerged holding a bow, went unscathed. Miss Grayhope is reputed to be unharmed, and quite thankful for the presence of her customers...and supposedly looking to hire part time staff cleaning staff.