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Episode: Siege Stories II

Posted by Story on 04/14/17
The Badger Boarding House was attacked by surprise. A trap was sprung. The attack started when a group of Shavs arrived at a small gathering there. A Shav women was cradling what appeared to be a baby. When Princess Peregrine brought attention to it being no baby, the woman's burden was tossed out into the floor. A alchemy glass jar broke open and a noxious gas was released. Mae Culler and Lord Killian quickly took action to contain the gas, but many were still affected. Three disguised bringers revealed themselves to be in the room and ten Shavs loyal to Brand were also present, so were many civilians, children and the elderly among them.

Prince Barric, Mae Culler, Lord Killian, Prince Ainsley, Duke Asger, Dame Esoka, Lady Tikva, Prince Aiden, Princess Peregrine and Count Thesarin fought the bringers and the Shavs with great success. Princess Ailys lead some of the children to safety while being guarded by her brothers. Princess Cara threw a tea pot at one of the bringers, burning his face. The windows were broken and Princess Cara, trying to escape the gas when through one only find herself face to face with two bringers. Princess Peregrine, realizing such rushed out the window, taking on the bringers and likely saving her life. Lord Killian charged that way as well. While Princess Peregrine took Prince Calarian and Princess Cara to safety, Killian stood against the remaining bringer. He was badly injured from the beast and the gas. The others game to his aid.

Lady Tikva was injured while fighting a bringer, her ribs badly broken. Count Thesarin carried her to safety. The large bringer at the door was taken down by Prince Barric, Prince Luca, Mae Culler and Duke Asger. Lady Lailah, helping to keep the children safe found herself face-to-face with a bringer who climbed in a broken window while the others were fighting the monsters outside. Duke Asger rushed to rescue the Bisland scholar and was assisted by Prince Luca. The attack was stopped and the injured were helped. Thanks the quick thinking of those heroes listed, no live were lost.