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Episode: Siege Stories

Posted by Story on 04/03/17
Tragedy befell the Great Cathedral of the Pantheon. The people that gathered in worship and hope in this holy place of the Faith instead found horror awaiting them. Trapped in unnatural fog and darkness, they were cut down by the revived corpses of recently-slain Templars, or worse, were slain by mistake by their own defenders. Though heroes such as Knight-Captain Armel, Brother Aleksei, Gisele, Sir Miles and Fortunato rose up, it was not enough. A cruel and hidden figure made sport of them, mocking their efforts to save the innocent. Only glimpsed at by Gisele, she paid the price by being pinned to a pew with arrows, and would have died were it not for the efforts of Fortunato and Miles. The hidden man left once his undead soldiers were destroyed by Armel and Aleksei, his purpose accomplished. Corpses strewn about, their blood covering the floor, and the food and supplies held in the Cathedral burnt to ashes. It's with such crushing failure and horror that the survivors must now live with, even as the one responsible wanders the city free, and able to strike again...