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Episode: Siege Stories

Posted by Story on 04/01/17
Among the refugees who have taken shelter in the city, tales of heroism take root and spread. While tales always grow in the telling, there must be a core of truth to it, for the children to spin from: that Princess Reese Grayson, Prince Luca Velenosa, Lord Michael Bisland, Lord Killian Ashford and Mistress Zhayla saved a runaway wagon full of terrified kids from a swarm of Bringers and tainted Shavs, with acts of derring do. Some of the stories sound pretty wild! Could Killian really have held off an army of shavs all alone while the children fled to safety? Did Zhayla really launch herself from the ground to put a shining trident through a Bringer's eyes? Could Luca really have run up the back of a Bringer to cleave its head? There are more stories: a runaway horse almost trampled them all, but Michael saved them! Princess Reese boldly led them all with courage and compassion before throwing herself into the battle and impaling a Bringer right through the guts! It's hard to keep spirits up in camps of refugees, but the tales these children bring are tales of hope for the hearts of many as the terror of the siege stretches on.