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Episode: Siege Stories

Posted by Story on 03/31/17
Late in the night a cry of 'Fire! Fire!' comes from the upper boroughs, and the city's people scramble to put the fire out. With the help of several people the fire is put out: The Royal Stable Master (Tristan) takes command of the situation along with Moira Grayhope, getting people organized and-- if the rumors are true-- preventing sabotage by buckets of cooking oil and lard that were left nearby. Rumors are, however, that after the fire is put out that a member of the Inquisition (Halsim Duskweave) and Asher Morrlin found the person responsible and it was a BRINGER! They say that Leta Broadbent and Tristan and Asher Morrlin fought the Bringer and felled it just before the Guards and members of the Inquisition arrived to investigate...