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Episode: Siege Stories

Posted by Story on 03/30/17
Rumor spreads about an attempt on the life of Duchess Belladonna Pravus at the Ward of the Lyceum by a group of Bringers. Tales of archers on the rooftops raining arrows on civilians, and people turning on each other are sung by bards, along with the story of the survival of the Duchess thanks to the intervention of a group of brave heroes. Among those named are Princess Reese Grayson, Alrec Magaldi, Mathias Coaldus, Lord Tobias Telmar, Lord Ywaine Telmar and Orathy Culler. Word at the Hundred Cities also is that the duchess valiantly managed to keep the crowd on the streets from a full panic, while ensuring the wounded received prompt aid. The attempt by the Bringers was a failure, but with such a blatant yet coordinate attack it's become obvious that truly, nobody is safe as long as the enemy hides within us.