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Episode: Lagoma's Fire

Posted by Story on 03/30/17
The tales are coming up from the Lower Boroughs, over a hunt for the Bringers. An explosion rocked the tightly knit weave of houses along a narrow path south of the Visitors gate, imploding one building in a hale of fire and smoke.

The tales to come from it, speak of Lagoma's Blessed Lantern being held up by Iron Guard Sparte to banish away shadows to see where one could not and how he spat FIRE at the Bringers! It tells how one of the the faithful, Merek Black, rinsed his blade in Holy Water, enabling him to glorious courage to sheer a great rent into a Bringer's neck through walls of fire! It tells of how a Wyrmguard Marquessa by the name of Dominique leaped across a roof top as if she was born to fly, scrambling with perfect agility and lending this to the fight of shadows within the house! It tells of a small godsworn sister Umay, after trying in vain to heal a woman that had suffered at the hands of the enemy and how with righteous anger, she threw with all her might a chair that splintered against the Bringer!

It tells of a Lord Valdemar Grimhall, so full of vengeance becrying foul against the Bringers for their use of decoys and slight against his House, that his sword arm was twice as powerful as ever before, carried by the wrath of Thrax to bring an end to the enemy! It tells of a Lady Tikva River, boundless across roof tops, with sharp cat like eyes to discovering the body of a slain Inquisitor tucked away, leading the group to find those responsible in the first place. The same Lady whom later sung a beautiful melody in battle to save her companions and call doom toward her, and her alone, for she turned the Bringer's eye! The tale of the well known bouncer Ferrando, as he stood ground, protected his companions, and boasted with confidence to the demands of the enemy to Join Brand, refuting them, and finding the strength to bathe the floor in Bringer blood when his mighty mace brought down the Bringer threat! The last tale, tells in more obscurity, the rope cutter Culler, the pseudo leader of this rag tag group, who rigged the house to explode, only at the last minute to recall he did and order all out! Of that leader's near mistake as the place went up in a ball of hot flame.

The reality is, a group of eight from all different walks of life, came together to Hunt down and successfully Kill two Bringers. There are Two Less now, that the people of Arx must deal with.