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Episode: Breaking the Silence

Posted by Story on 03/26/17
As the seawatch gate is hammered by the battering rams, arrows rain back and forth. Prince Tristram tries to pick out that same figure in black platemail among the mass that is obscured by the mist, and for just a moment, he thinks he sees the leader that had turned the cavalry to dust. An arrow flies from Tristram straight at the figure, seeming to change into flame as it arcs down, and shatters as if it hit a wall inches from the armored figure's helm. The figure looks up, and breaks the utter silence of the invading army to rumble in a booming voice as it points directly at Tristram, "Die." The rampart Tristram is standing on seems to explode outward, sending him flying backwards. Princess Deva Redrain immediately picks out the fire and fires in return, her arrow lancing down and striking the armored figure's helm right in the eye visor, and it seems to stagger back and falls out of eyesight in the mist, right as the boiling oil is pushed over onto the waiting figures below at the exact time from Lady Maude Ashford's orders. Dozens, perhaps hundreds of shavs manning the battering rams are burned alive, and there are no screams. More begin to approach, picking up the still smoking battering rams that melt their hands. Arrows rain down from the Compact's defenders, felling the approaching shavs by the score despite their kite shields starting to form a turtle around the rams.