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Episode: Breaking the Silence

Posted by Story on 03/26/17
Through the efforts of Marquessa Demura and Duke Cristoph along with many others, the advancing tide has been slowed. While the city has recovered for two days since the attack on the Lower Boroughs, Knights of Solace and other harassing elements have brought word. The armies of the Bringers of Silence will soon arrive.

It's early into the winter day, a crisp, sunny day of pleasant weather with a light snow on the grounds outside Arx. To the north in the Gray Forest, riders begin to approach, bearing word the arrival of the Bringers are imminent. Less than an hour later, the forces begin to emerge from the northern tree line, about two miles away. Far out range of fire, but enough to start to see the massive horde begin to array itself. Distantly, extremely tall banners can be seen as the armies begin to gather beyond the trees. As the horde slowly approaches, it becomes clear that there are thirteen banners, and they are more like thirty foot tall crosses- with a slain knight of solace crucified to each one. The army pauses, eerie in its silence, completely frozen for a moment, and then starts to slam their weapons on the ground, a deep beat loud enough to be heard across the great distance.