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Episode: The Battle of Pridehall

Posted by Story on 02/14/17
In the chaos of battle, it is hard to see people fall. Harder still to know who fell, even when you do see it. It is only when the battle has ended that the tally of loss may begin, and this one is a hard tally to take. Scattered across the battlefield, there are bodies torn in two. Bodies torn into more than two. There is so much mud, and so much blood -- some losses will never truly be known. But one, at least, is quite certain: Duchess Nadia stood in proud defense of the Nightgold troops, and though she fell in battle, she fell protecting her soldiers. They find her body, in the end, badly broken, bled out to practically nothing, but with hair that shines, in spite of all that mud, bright as gold. So passes Nadia Nightgold.