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Episode: Falling Down

Posted by Story on 01/30/17
There's no public announcements, no great warning for the scene that unfolds on Sovereign Bridge just before dawn. Word apparently was kept carefully quiet, so it comes as a shock to the travelers on the bridge to see Archduchess Esera Velenosa, with no guards or escorts and dressed unusually in a mourning black, greeting the head of the Faith of the Pantheon, the Dominus Fawkuhl. The Dominus, surrounded by a ring of templars and without any of his legates or archlectors, addresses the Archduchess and the handful of early morning spectators, "A highlord has come to atone for her grievous sins. Now we shall see how even the mightiest might bow before the gods." The Archduchess stands along the edge of the bridge, her voice clear in the morning light, "I would humbly ask for the gods to forgive me. And forgive all whose arrogance presumes to speak on their behalf, and know their will. I pray that the Lyceum is spared any evil, including those wearing vestments and a mantle of pride."

The answer was clearly not what the Dominus had expected, the shock and anger writ clear on his face, as he strides forward to angrily approach the Archduchess, seizing her by the arm as he speaks in a voice too soft to be heard and shaking her. No one can hear her soft reply, calmly given, that makes the Dominus turn white with fury. But all on the bridge, every last one watching the early dawn spectacle, can see the push he gives her in rage.

The shock on the Dominus face is clear to all to see. He yells loud to all, "I never shoved her! It was a trick!" and then immediately flees back to the Rectory with his templar escorts stopping the shocked throng that boils around him. The Archduchess body hits the Gray River a thousand feet below. It is never found.

The city explodes at the news. In the tumult, there is news of two other great personages missing, and rumors quickly spread of some bloodshed between the Faith and nobles. Princess Dawn of House Grayson and Duke Leo Fidante are missing as well, the latter on what was to be his wedding day.