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Episode: Skal'dajan Diplomacy

Posted by Story on 06/07/20
It doesn't take long before the words of Duke Ivan Helianthus arrive in Arx, spread across thousands of parchments in the city for all to read, and submitted as white journals.

"To what was once known as the Compact of Arvum,

Since the start of the Compact, it has fallen upon the Mourning Isles to valiantly defend traditions, time and again. Traditions that have been necessary for our survival of the Mourning Isles and all the houses which have long defended these shores. And for the past decade, we have witnessed one assault after another on those traditions. When a baseborn woman served as highlord of House Grayson, we said nothing, as it was not our house. When another baseborn defeated Highlord Donrai Thrax's grandson and heir in a ridiculous combat with no merit and declared himself highlord, again, we said nothing, as it was not our quarrel. When this imposter in Maelstrom appointed a woman as duchess to House Tyde and restored it, again, we said nothing, as it was House Thrax which brought it low. When he scorned our traditions of who can serve in battle, again and again, we said nothing.

We have watched from the Isles as the King married a shav, and madmen call them elves. We have watched as commoner after commoner are raised up to nobility, with no appreciation of what that means, and no concept of honor or dignity. We have seen the Faith of the Pantheon invent three new gods, declaring for their worship, and tolerating a madman who claims to be a god in Arx. We have seen excuse after excuse, whispers of magic to cover up corruption, as they spit upon everything the Compact once stood for. Does one think a 'legate' of a position that did not exist barring a few short years has any religious authority to cast me down? Is this the Compact we knew, are these the Mourning Isles we fought for?

No. But there is an answer.

We have received word that one can come and set this to right. This Compact is false, but there IS a Compact that will have us. King Alaric Grayson III, King of the Compact, Sovereign of Arx, Ruler of Arvum, father of the current 'king' Alaric IV is ALIVE. He never perished when he was lost during the Tyde Rebellion, but has been winning lands for the Compact in Eurus, and he will come HOME.

And so, I urge every house in the Mourning Isles, every TRUE house of the Compact to welcome the return of the true king, and know that your fealty still lies with him.

Duke Ivan Helianthus, sworn to King Alaric Grayson III, Dune Emperor of Eurus"