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Episode: Desperate Measures

Posted by Story on 05/22/20
In the wilds of Tor there has always been the rumor of a garden that appears only at dusk in winter's longest day. Farmers are persistent that it exists, even if it never appears in the same place twice. Such stories are given the polite nod and healthy dose of salt they require - that is up until the most recent batch of Abandoned tribes to swear fealty to Duchess Calista Fidante are heard repeating the same tale. A contingent consisting of Marquis Dante DiFidante, Lady Esme Fidante, Lord Ezra Riven, Lady Ingrid Grimhall, Lady Videl Igniseri, Nurie Baseborn, Aaron Blackburn and Thorn band together to seek the validity of these rumors and quiet the upstart and worry the urban myth has inspired for the common folk.

Whatever takes place only upsets the farmers further for a few days. There is just something about a singular bloodcurdling scream at dawn startling their livestock, causing the animals to escape from their pens that angers them.