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Episode: Where the Wild Things Are

Posted by Story on 04/08/20
Vague rumors filter into the city of a few outlying farms in the Cloudspine (particularly those near the Great Road) that have suffered significant losses of livestock; chiefly sheep, cattle, and horses, though one or two farms apparently had their entire chicken coops devoured. Each farm has a similar story: they woke in the morning to find their pastures littered with dead and half devoured animals, their farm doors completely broken or hanging from the hinges, and the remainder of their animals scattered into the woods, completely terrorized even long after whatever caused the damage was gone. One farmer reports being woken in the night by loud banging, only to find his door splintered and caved in, but no sign of the culprit.

More notable, and perhaps more sensational, is a report from the keepers of the newly bred Direhorns of Cloudspine, who claim that the herd was attacked during the night. Three of the Direhorns have been killed, and quite a number of others are suffering from injuries that appear to have been inflicted by large claws or teeth, but they seem to have put up quite a savage fight instead of fleeing, likely saving the entire herd and possibly the keepers themselves with their ferocity. The keepers suggest that it may have been a particularly angry bear, but admit that they have never seen a bear attack like this.