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Episode: Unrest in the Isles

Posted by Story on 09/10/19
Prince Victus Thrax, along with most of his family, is hard at work right now trying to manage unrest in the Mourning Isles. With is proclamation, he's moving toward freeing thralls on the whole, but not all at once. He's slightly more measured than that, but he has started with a plan to free those whose whole families are currently thralls. His reasoning, he explains, is that freeing a whole family lets them all work together to support themselves, and gives them a ready-made framework to build a future together.

Traditionalists, of course, counter with how that plan allows entire families to starve together! They use their excited voices, but they aren't really excited about it. In fact, Traditionalists - led most visibly by the Helianthus Duchy - are vocal in opposition to these changes. They don't like them, they don't want them, and they don't particularly care what the rest of the Compact thinks.