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Episode: High Hill Crossing

Posted by Story on 08/11/19
After word came of the destruction of High Hill, Duke Arn Telmar and others sought to organize a response to it and the presumably related destruction of House Moore. All news was that this was a large scale Abandoned attack that was likely related to the construction of the Great Road, as Abandoned and Compact forces warring had become increasingly coming, particularly in the Oathlands where traditionalists like Beaucage had tried to perform large scale purges of their long standing foes. That House Steelhart, a significantly powerful county, was destroyed was grave concern, and Duke Telmar organized a large force of House Telmar, Valardin, Blackram and Rivenshari troops to march on High Hill to repulse attackers.

Precautions were kept, with scouting forces being led by Lady Lilia Telmar and Lady Eshra Rivenshari attempting to see just who was responsible for High Hill, and Lord Rohran Keaton led a similar mission to House Moore's Acorn Hill.

News of the outcome is starting to trickle back to Arx.