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Episode: Oathlands Strife

Posted by Story on 08/10/19
House Beaucage had pointedly challenged the Faith, and there was even an incident when Beaucage soldiers performed a massacre on holy ground and violated sanctuary, an offense that the Faith simply could not ignore. Still, much effort went into bringing Marquis Marcel Beaucage to the negotiating table. There's word that House Keaton, particularly Reigna and Apollo, worked on some sort of economic project that applied pressure on the vassals sworn to Beaucage to convince them to be more amiable. Princess Zara engaged in some quiet diplomacy, and word from the vassals at the Beaucage's holding of Greenwither is that Lady Amari Keaton reaching out to Marquessa Theresa Beaucage was instrumental in getting them to the table. But perhaps the most critical aspect was the Faith itself.

Legate Aureth Grayhope, Legate of the Lost, and representative of the Faith of the Pantheon, leads a large templar detachment to the borders of the march in order to demand answers from Marcel Beaucage, under threat of excommunication for his crime of allowing a massacre that broke sanctuary. Marcel does arrive, and the meeting is tense, with templars speaking of a massive force of Beaucage troops that encircled their encampment, with every appearance of the makings of an ambush. A battle seemed imminent, but the word to attack was never given by Marcel, and the man seemed to look pointedly at the diplomat Princess Zara Valardin for some unknown reason, before surrendering himself to the faith, and abdicating his title. He confessed in the hearing of thousands to what he was accused of and more, of waging war in order to hide the dishonorable actions of his son. The former Marquis did not go into detail on what those actions were as he surrendered himself to the Faith, so rumors abound. But Beaucage, under the leadership of Marquessa Theresa Beaucage, has bowed to the Faith and Laurent, and is no longer at war.