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Episode: Oathlands Strife

Posted by Story on 08/10/19
Since the creation of the Great Road, there had been a number of ongoing brushfire conflicts throughout the Oathlands. While some were resolved quickly, the matter of House Beaucage and House Fournier remained. House Beaucage, a vassal of Laurent, had terrorized prodigals and Abandoned alike, warred with neighbors, and had taken actions in open defiance fo the Faith. House Fournier, a vassal of Lyonesse, had a massacre of pilgrims on their lands including the brother of the Marquessa of House Daveiga, a Malvici vassal, which resulted in an Oathlands-Lyceum border war. Individuals from the Faith, the Oathlands, the Lyceum and beyond have visited both houses in an attempt to end the ongoing conflicts.

There has been some success...