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Episode: Paved With Good Intentions III

Posted by Story on 05/21/19
Whether the Compact is quieting depends much on where one lives and their point of view. For those worried about heresies, religious schisms, and wars between Oathlands and the Northlands or the Lyceum, things are looking better. The Great Road itself is much safer. For other conflicts, much is unresolved. A war continues between a Northland-Crownland alliance and some of the Mourning Isles, and in the south, a Gemecittan mine was destroyed while one of their vassals House Gallo quarrels with the Shepherd vassal House Groverfield. There's a good bit of alarm about the fall of Highhill, but most assume House Valardin will be able to handle whatever Abandoned were responsible, and the details are still scarce, where most imagine it's not nearly as bad as reported. So there's areas for concern- some Peers are alarmed that the foreign envoys are lingering, and are uncertain why, with little to no word since the last Assembly of Peers.

But nothing seems to be an emergency that could threaten the entire Compact. And that's a relief.