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Episode: Paved With Good Intentions III

Posted by Story on 05/21/19
A number of the recent brushfire conflicts seem to be dying down, thanks to the dedicated effort and talent of many in the Compact who have been trying to keep the smaller conflicts from spiraling out of control. The tales of the successes are what reaches Arx first, for the most part, the good news that's cause for optimism.

Nobles of Houses Blackram and Acheron, assisted by the Whispers and the Faith, have resolved the bloody border conflict between House Threerivers and House Bellerive, which threatened to become a broader war between the Oathlands and the Northlands. The disputed land between the two houses has been, in a surprising move, taken under the care of the Faith of the Pantheon and used to make shrines- that particular agreement raises eyebrows among the Peerage, as traditionally the Faith of the Pantheon owns no lands specifically to limit its power. It's a small and limited grant, but an important precedent, and one that causes a profound clash of opinions in the Oathlands, where most of the strongest voices backing the Church are also the ones most defensive over noble power. Still, to avoid a war between the Oathlands and the Northlands, most are willing to let that go and put that fight off for another day.

Similarly, the Faith of the Pantheon had a unmitigated success in quelling the briefly alarming heresy called the 'Church of Petrichor', and bringing wayward Northlands houses back into the fold, while making sure templars in tense domains escaped unharmed. There was quite a bit of help on the part of notable shamans, such as Vala Khanne and Princess Drea Redrain, and much of the tension between the Northlands and the Faith is easing for now, though it would not take much for that to flare up once more.