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Episode: Paved With Good Intentions II

Posted by Story on 03/16/19
Prince Victus Thrax, Prince of Maelstrom and Highlord of the Mourning Isles, at the most recent Assembly of Peers has declared an impending end to thralldom throughout the Mourning Isles, declaring that one of the oldest institutions will be coming to an end. The lack of immediate response of outrage is almost suspicious, though some note that a great many Islander peers have departed Arx in recent days, traveling to their home domains. But now word starts to trickle back into Arx.

Marquis Ford Kennex was performing inspections at one of his coastal villages, a relatively new town called Breakshackle made up of freed thralls from the time he declared thralldom illegal at Stormward. While there, a large force of unknown attackers surrounded the village and put every man, woman and child to the sword, overwhelming Marquis Ford and his honor guard. Marquis Ford Kennex was then flayed living and crucified along the coast, along with his guardsmen.

Duke Ivan Helianthus makes a public statement of, "Unfortunate what happened to the Marquis of Stormward, but this is what happens when one carelessly frees violent criminals on their land. I, along with most of the Isles, urge the Prince of Maelstrom to reconsider before we have similar acts. That would be tragic."