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Episode: Foreign Powers

Posted by Story on 12/29/18
Eurusi and Cardian caravels are very large ships, somewhat larger than the huge dromond warships favored by the Compact. The monstrous ship that sails from the Bay of Thrax towards Arx is something else all together, easily three or four times the size of a caravel, though the flag of the Black Spire of Cardia flies proudly and can be seen from the walls of Arx. The warship, far too large to approach the docks of Arx, stops near the mouth of the Gray River and a small party clad in cardian steelsilk approach the docks on rowboat. An imposing, powerfully built man dressed in elaborate, militaristically cut steelsilk steps from the boat to unravel a scroll of a prepared statement. He speaks to the assembled citizens at the dock, hands the parchment to the senior Iron Guardsman, and then departs with his party back to the gigantic warship.