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Episode: One Last Time

Posted by Story on 12/17/18
The day dawned quietly, despite the strange green snow that's been falling across the city; many people chose to stay inside, uncertain what to make of this weather. There's still a strangely electric feel to the air, like a gathering storm. Something hangs over the city, something more than merely the clouds that drop this grotesquely tainted snow.

And there's a sense of /familiarity/ to the day, a growing sense of deja vu. Indeed, it feels as though this day has /already/ been lived, and people sometimes find themselves knowing precisely what another person is about to say or do. The sensation is unnerving. Worse still, with that sense of deja vu comes a growing sense of dread, as though something terrible will happen.

Or perhaps more accurately... as though something terrible has /already/ happened, and everyone is merely waiting for the world to catch up to it.