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Episode: Lodge of Petrichor, Part 3

Posted by Story on 11/16/18
And now news starts to filter in from the Mercies and Physicians at the Lodge and in the House of Solace, of those who are greviously injured - or those who bear back the dead bravely. Rymarr, Felicia, Caius, Thorley, Norwood, and Leola leave on a scouting mission, and come back with some bumps and bruises - but Caius is nearly dead.

The Valorous Few go out too and they return a little short and a lot banged up. Audric is injured but grinning (typical), Lys is near death, Capri is not speaking, and Shard... well. Shard is missing, and doesn't show up for two more days. And there's something in their eyes that suggests their return was more luck than skill - and that they have definitely seen something horrible.

Ian, Ainsley, Jasher, Sebastian, Helia, and Galen go out - more scouting, and these are not names that are unknown to Arx. They travel with the Choir and return with the Choir, but Ian and Sebastian are severely injured, and Galen too is near death.

With all else that's going on, it's a little shocking to see so many injured so badly. But the Mercies and healers take over and so far, those who return from the Forest - and there are far fewer who return than who go - are on the mend.