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Episode: Lodge of Petrichor, Part 3

Posted by Story on 11/13/18
The defense of the Lodge has been a much talked-about thing - the cause celebre among the nobles and the Faith and really most of the movers and shakers in the Compact. And while ridiculous reports of animals are almost assuredly exaggerated it's the strange natural effects that dominate the conversation.

Near the Lodge, a large area of ground has caved in, as though there are burrows underneath - a veritable warren of small animal homes. But normally this would only happen in small pockets if that - surely animal burrows are a common thing? Farmers scratch their head at this strange news, but the Compact has people on the spot to deal with that.

The Crimson Blades are out in force here - and while they can't stop the earth from moving or collapsing, they are there to make sure that no one is truly hurt. Violet, Harlex, Thorley, Arianna, and Aiden work together as the ground near where the Blades make their camp gives way. They report some human casualties, as loss does happen in accidents, but nothing to alarm the Compact over, for certain. Squire Ragnarr Ragamuffin (and who has a name like that really) is listed on the rolls of the casualties - but not on the rolls of the dead. Those familiar with that area breathe a sigh of relief, but most just nod and are glad a budding Knight of the Compact is among them.

The King's Own and others also ride in that area - the King has sent his Hundred to aid in the defense of the Lodge, as is his prerogative, showing he most certainly intends to ensure the Lodge is defended. For the most part, the patrols have been quiet, but on one led by Sir Corban they foiled an ambush - and Corban, Mae, Eleanor, Ophelia, and Paloma returned safely, but gravely injured. Reports of cultists have come from the Forest for a long time, but these seem quite a bit stronger - and certainly more focused - than the average shav would. Still, guarding against ambushes is part of the job of the Sovereign's Own and they do their job well and thoroughly.

For now, the area known as the Burrows remains defended.