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Episode: The Lodge of Petrichor

Posted by Story on 10/12/18
Compact forces are moving to the Lodge of Petrichor. Once a private organization dedicated as a place for shaman, Petrichor's disciples, and all those who love the land to gather for learning - the Lodge is too far-reaching and multidimensional to be overseen by one group. And there have been rumors of strange threats that necessitate defenses that the Crown is reluctant to authorize for an independent organization. And so the Crown has stepped in directly and the Compact as a whole is responding by extending their regular protection and patrols to this new area. So far, scouts have not reported anything overtly inimical headed for the Lodge. At this point that's good, as the Compact needs time to get defenses in place. The question is, is there enough time left before.... well, what is coming exactly?