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Lady Ciara Wyrmguard

I'm not arguing, I'm just explaining why I'm right.

Social Rank: 5
Concept: Impish Lady-In-Waiting
Fealty: Valardin
Family: Wyrmguard
Gender: female
Marital Status: single
Age: 18
Birthday: 6/19
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Steward
Height: average height
Hair Color: bright copper
Eye Color: cobalt blue
Skintone: fair

Description: A petit young lady still on the cusp of womanhood, Ciara is slender of build and feminine of curve. Her fiery red hair contrasts beautifully, almost dramatically against her pale skin. It is most often done in loose twin braids or a simple braided updo, but when left untamed falls to midway down her back in gentle waves. She has a sweet, youthful face with big cobalt-blue eyes that are framed by long auburn lashes, a pert nose that is slightly upturned and has a tendency to twitch when she is dismayed or excited, and cheeks that dimples when she smiles and flushes prettily at all but the smallest displays of emotion. Her full, rosy lips form a lush little bow and are as quick to enchanting smiles that can light up a summers day as they are to impish smirks and sulky, heart-wrenching pouts. She carries herself with the naive and playful confidence of youth, apparent in wide-eyed wonder, coquettish smiles and the teasing sway of her perfectly rounded hips.

Personality: Charming and vivacious, Ciara is a girl with a lot of opinions and a big heart that she wears on her sleeve. She has an almost insatiable curiosity and approaches life with the kind of impish joie-de-vivre reserved for the young and those lucky few who have yet to see any real hardship. While actually quite brilliant, she is still so very young and woefully inexperienced in most facets of life, with all the naivety and wide-eyed excitement that comes with it, which can sometimes make her seem a little clueless despite an obviously sharp mind. She is sweet as sugar and a bit of a pleaser, but she can be assertive and quite bossy if she needs to, though usually in a gentle and good-natured way. Fiercely loyal and protective of those she loves, and with a strong maternal sense, she can quickly turn from wide-eyed coquette to mother-hen if she feels that one or more of her percieved chicks are in need of protection or correction, whether the chick(s) in question feels the need for, or even wish for, her involvement or guidance. Always out of genuine concern and desire to make their lives better or see them better themselves.

Background: The youngest child and only daughter born to Etienne and Celestine Wyrmguard, a cadet branch of the Wyrmguard family, Ciara grew up with her three older brothers on their family's patch of land south of Blancbier where mountain and forest meet. Born to one of the oldest and proudest families in the Valardin fealty, not to say all of The Compact, she was brought up on stories of valor, heroes, honor, and chivalry. Stories full of adventure, romance, and knights in shining armor. Stories full of everything her life was not. Stories she would often dream herself away to. That is not to say that she wasn't happy, but there was a part of her that always longed for more even as a young child.

She was a willful and lively girl, with her mother's sharp mind and kind heart and her father's effortless charm and playful spirit, always hungry for new experiences and with an almost insatiable curiosity. But her mischievous and adventurous nature was tempered by a desire to please and ideals inspired both by her family and by those stories that she loved so much. Ideals she couldn't always live up to. For all her youthful exuberance, she was a caregiver right from the start. She would always be there to tend to and care for her brothers after a particularly grueling day of training or when they got injured, she would go out of her way to comfort or stand up for one of her friends when they needed it, and she'd be there to cheer up and bring a smile to her parents' lips after a long, frustrating day of business or research.

Her father being the former steward of the main line of the Wyrmguards in Blancbier and her mother a socialite scholar known for her research into the more obscure lore and parts of history, it is perhaps not surprising that the young girl showed a natural penchant for numbers, patterns, and organization, as well as a way with people. She was taught a lot about trade, economics and how to run a noble household, and Celeste involved herself personally with her daughter's education after Ciara turned ten, expanding the young girl's knowledge to other scholarly topics and grooming her on how to become a proper young lady. Ciara would, quite frankly, much rather be out playing with her friends, gossip about who the most handsome prince is despite never having seen any of them, or go explore that part of the woods to the west that nobody's supposed to go into, but she excelled at her studies and mostly stayed out of trouble. Mostly.

Shortly before her 18th birthday, her parents informed her that an arrangement had been made and that she would be traveling to Arx to act as a Lady-In-Waiting to Marquessa Dominique. Ciara could not be more excited. Arx! So much to explore, so many people to meet, so many new sights and experiences. Princes and Princesses and fancy parties. Not to mention getting to know her extended family and a chance to make a good impression with the Marquessa. It was going to be amazing! A week later, after packing her things and writing her brothers, she kissed her parents goodbye and set off for the capital and the biggest adventure of her young life.

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