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Investigator Hickson Gales

Look and you will find it. What goes unsought goes undetected.

Social Rank: 7
Concept: Gregarious Investigator
Fealty: Thrax
Family: Gales
Gender: Male
Age: 27
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Investigator
Height: 6'
Hair Color: Golden Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Skintone: lightly tanned

Description: He is of average height with brown hair, touched by the sun, and warm brown eyes composed of many overlapping hues. His body is lean, but athletic, and his gait is often slow and ambling. Many describe his voice and style of speech as comforting, though he can be boisterous or cutting given occasion. He is quick to smile, but also prone to staring in an unnerving manner, especially when asking difficult questions.

Personality: Inquisitive and good natured, Hickson has a gift for conversation, and seems to relish in every detail. He enjoys teaching, and will take the time to walk students through his thinking, or to listen to the stories and thoughts of others. He is also slow to anger, and generally exhibits a cool head when situations go sideways. His manners and style of speech are such that he fits in relatively comfortably with nobility and commoners alike.

Background: Hickson was born in Darkwater Watch, the first of five children. His father was a trader and a seaman, and his mother worked in the Darkwater household as a servant. When he was old enough, Hickson joined his father as a cabin boy aboard a trading vessel bound to Arx. It was attacked in route by pirates, but he was recovered by a ship flying the banners of House Seliki, and transported safely to his original destination. Once in Arx, he was delivered into the care of the representatives of House Darkwater.

Hickson decided to remain in the city, and, after his experience on board the ship, he turned his attention to assisting the Iron Guard with criminal matters, and found himself well suited to information gathering. He has since dedicated himself to serving the Sentinel and the people of Arx.

Name Summary
Alessandro An Iron Guardsman, with an interest in the more than mundane. Probably to his credit -- and hopefully not to his detriment.
Alessia A not not-charming man I look forward to future meetings with.
Astyr Pleasant guard with a clever looking assistant who is clearly underpaid. Wonder if she's looking for a better job.
Caith Delightful fellow! He's a guard that I've given some empathy instruction to. He has such kind eyes and a good face -- he took to it like a duck to water!
Calaudrin Wants to look for cultists? Well, well. Good for him! Apparently we have plenty of those milling around. Damn city. I'm retiring.
Delfina A polite and good-natured man. His loyal service to House Darkwater generally and my husband's work in particular is deeply appreciated.
Monique An Iron Guardsman I don't actively dislike! He's knowledgeable and willing to share information, and doesn't seem ruffled by my more shocking declarations.
Orrin A fine man, good to Dame Irisa. I'm glad we had a hand in sparing him from an ugly fate.
Reese He seems thoughtful and pretty smart. He figured out the shirt situation! I think we can use him in the guard
Roxana Little bloody when I met him, but charming. Really seems to like jewelry? Or dawnstones at least. I should show him the rest of my collection...
Vitalis A credit to the Iron Guard. Enjoy the flagon on Mazetti. Maybe more than one for your partner.