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Action Id: 497 Crisis: Participants: Calypso, Eirene, Waldemai, Caelis and Artorius
Status: Resolved Public: True GM: None

Silver: 50000
Social Resources: 100

Action by Calypso

The City of Southport has always held both Mangata and Gloria close, calling them Patrons of the City of Swords. It is only fitting then that Duchess General Calypso Malvici has called for a monument of Mangata to be erected on the southern most tip of Arvum. The priests of the city are. Wong asked to hold devotional worship ceremonies there allowing the people to show their love of the sea and it's Goddess openly.

It is also being said that the Duchess is sending half their fleet and Lord Admiral Estaban to join the fight along with their allies, House Thrax. (This part will be as an assist to Fatima)

Action by Eirene

While the Phoenix of Malvici tend to honor Lagoma, they are instructed to wash and request Mangata's blessings of purity for their tools by cleaning them in water and then again in alcohol. (Look, sanitization for religious purposes!) They are also given free leave to go to the statue dedication and a night of drinks on their Brigadier General in the Goddess' name.

Action by Caelis

Caelis will travel down to Southport to assist with the building of the monument. While she is there she'll pray in the ocean off the southern most tip and rinse the stone used in construction with sea water offering more prayers to the goddess.

Action by Artorius

Lord Captain Artorius joins Lord Admiral Estaban as he goes to fight with their Thrax allies to help ensure his safety and the success of the operation! he lends his blade to join the fight.

Action by Waldemai

Waldemai will use his contacts with the Crafters of the city to locate sculptors and stone carvers to work on the monument, and will use his own skills to keep their tools in good shape as they work.


And never let it be said that Southport is not also devoted to the Goddess too - and so Duchess Calypso Malvici calls for a monument of Mangata to be erected on the southernmost tip of Arvum. Waldemai Isenhu uses his own skills to keep the tools of the crafters sharp, and Lady Caelis Malvici travels to assist with the building of the monument as well. When it is completed a grand dedication ceremony is held, with Caelis making sure the statue itself is washed in sea water during the prayers offered. Lady Eirene brings the Phoenix of Malvici to the shrine's unveiling and treats her people to a night of drinks in the Goddess' name too, and thus is Mangata honored from the north to the south of the continent.