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Action Id: 3190 Crisis: Participants: Domonico, Jaenelle, Calypso, Waldemai, Caelis, Lucita, Ysabel, Grazia, Roxana, Seymour, Valenzo, Miranda, Aahana, Martino, Santi, Kaia and Thea
Status: Resolved Submitted: March 20, 2019, 8:58 p.m. Public: True GM: Puffin

Economic Resources: 4961
Military Resources: 2773
Social Resources: 2822
Action Points: 300

Action by Domonico

Domonico has ordered and will be directing efforts in the construction of a new facility at Southport, which will be named Southport Steel, that will both be smelting high quality steel from iron ore and manufacturing it into weapons and armour. The primary function of this will be to make sure that House Malvici and the armies and navies of Southport are well equipped. The House of War makes sure that every citizen of Southport serves and trains in the military and will ensure that they are given the best quality armour and armaments for the tasks. As a secondary purpose, what Southport Steel forges that is not marked for the military will also be used as trade items with other Houses, particularly those who are also members of the Empyrean Trade Route.

The facility will be designed by Malvici engineers and craftsmen but will consult with Houses Brass Hawk and Crimson Malvicus (who both assisted on creation of the Goldhawk Naval Base) and hopefully this will enable House Malvici to build the best possible facilities and that Southport Steel really helps entrench Southport's reputation as the 'City of Swords'

Action by Aahana

Aahana is now a fully fledged Malvici and will be assisting with the Southport Steel project. She'll be bringing all her economic knowhow to the fore, helping to secure good prices on building materials, raw materials for forging as well as negotiating the best prices for the finished products. Her keen head for maximising profits will be focusse on bringing her husbands vision to life and thus she pours a lot of her own resources into Southport Steel

Action by Waldemai

Lord Domonico Malvici has expressed the desire to build an armor/armaments industry in the Southport area. As a master armorsmith (and minor league weaponsmith) from Southport he has asked Waldemai to play a large role in setting up the industry and training apprentices. Waldemai has already been working with the youth of the area who were part of coming to declare fealty to Malvici at Southport, and he is a loyal retainer of the Malvici, so he agreed immediately.

Action by Valenzo

Valenzo and his crew aboard the Tasty Terrapin have been tasked with transporting the materials necessary for constructing the Southport Steel facility and production to the site in Southport, and they will set to with gusto; the crew is also willing to aid in construction efforts, and once everything is complete and the Terrapin will transport the final product out to the various vassals for testing and use.

Action by Caelis

Upon hearing her cousin's idea, Caelis immediately thought of this opportunity as a great resource for the Arvum Refugee Relief Group. Turning to the organization, Caelis has set about sourcing out individuals and families with skill around the crafting of weaponry to voluntarily relocate for this undertaking.

Action by Calypso

Calypso will be signing off on the plans she's presented with, helping with providing military knowledge and offering a presence while the project is being completed.

Action by Miranda

Miranda's been asked to be part of Domonico's plan for Southport Steel via quality testing. She will take the initial products that Southport Steel makes and test them for durability, design, weight, strength, and so forth. In some cases, she may suggest design changes. She'll test the weapons against dummies and opponents and make sure the armor is fitted well with thought to how a soldier might need to quickly put the armor on or get it off in a pinch. How fast can a sword be wielded? Is the hilt merely beautiful or practical? And so on.

Action by Lucita

Lucita's Barony is one of the Malvici vassals and to have a facility from which to attain high quality steel armor and weapons so close by is only beneficial to Saikland. Army members consisting of footsoldiers, pike, archers and cavalry are all easier to recruit and maintain when they are confident of having the best of such steel protection and weapons. Therefore Lucita lends her charm and stewardship skills to the project. She knows just who to contact and how to make arrangements to facilitate the effort.

Action by Santi

Santi has offered his assistance in testing the practicality of these weapons in the field. Having spent much of his military career among the common footsoldiers, he is in a position to understand the unique problems that harry infantrymen and their equipment - being exposed to the elements, having to go for longer periods of time between cleaning and maintaining, et cetera. As such, he will establish a series of stress tests to see how well the rank and file equipment will hold up and how easy it is to repair in the field; for example, how the wrapping and fittings on swords will hold up to being wet for extended periods, how durable the wooden shafts on spears and arrows are, et cetera. Basically, worst-case scenario sorts of things.

Action by Jaenelle

Jaenelle approves of the Lyceum strengthening their militaries, especially with the unknown threats the Compact faces. She will assist with recruiting able bodied craftspeople to work the steel, she'll help broker deals between Lenosia and Southport for well priced ingots to smelt and create into the arms the new facility will forge, and she'll assist with any diplomatic areas that rise.

Action by Roxana

Roxana is supporting her dear Malvici Nephew in his efforts to build up industry in Southport. Her job is mostly to talk up the project in Southport and among her other contacts (Grayson surely) so that once Southport steel is being manufactured there is heavy demand by other houses. She will charm whoever needs charming among trade delegations and ensure that the business venture is successful however she can.

Action by Grazia

Grazia will provide the stone for construction from her Gemecittan quarries. The bulk of the building will be laid out in heavy but beautifully sturdy granite, and the showrooms will be floored with exquisite marbles, all of the finest design. She'll work with the architects to really coordinate with the style of the building and it will have a most beautiful edifice.

Action by Seymour

On behalf of Rubino-Zaffria, Seymour offers his services to the construction project at Southport. He will do this by reviewing the plans for logistics and the material that the new facility will be using, taking time to review the sources for incoming supplies, vet the expertise of architects, and similar paperwork heavy tasks that undoubtably he is not alone in doing and nobody really wants to read about in detail. His efforts may be slightly curtailed by a clear worry of running into Mrs. Oak, his ex-wife still based in Southport.

Action by Thea

Recently arriving in Arx, Thea has been recruited to lead the organisation of the medical tents and health of those testing the new Southport Steel and working on the construction of the facility. She will be leading teams of medical staff to care for wounds such as burns and cuts.

Having only recently left Southport - Thea will be applying her knowledge of the local area to hire the best medical staff to ensure that anything hurt during the work is well looked after

Action by Martino

Stepping forward with his ability to influence a deal favourable to the Malvici, Martino will be schmoozing those that Domonico and others bring in to work on the project. He will be there to keep spirits high for those staying in Southport, and treated to House Malvici's hospitality, so that they leave with a positive impression on the House.

He will be working with Lady Aahana Malvici to secure good economic terms, but primarily to ensure that a diverse group of people produce an exemplary facility and product.

Action by Ysabel

Ysabel is concerned with the rising threats to the Compact and resolves to help Southport with their project. After all having strong allies is a good thing and she is sure she can get a good price on the finished goods. Using her Economic knowledge she will work to help Lord Domonico make Southport Steel a success

Action by Kaia

Lady Kaia Bisland enjoys reading (even if it’s the boring stuff, yes, that’s why she’s her House’s historian after all), and has an exceedingly sharp eye for organization. She is a master at keeping the mind-numbing but crucially essential papers and documents well sorted and available. She is, also, quite good at being bossy, and both her family and friends know it –or perhaps will learn of it just now. Beware lackeys! You shall not hear the end of the petite lady’s voice until all tasks are well done and completed! So get to it!

Her innate charm makes it all too easy for people to do as she asks whenever she leads or commands tasks. More often, than not, they can’t seem to bring themselves to tell her no. I mean, who can blame them?! She’s just too good and crafty with her arguments on why this would be better done this way or that way, or persuading them on why it would even turn out to be beneficial for them –even if in reality it would not; and so, she takes advantage of these skills to provide her Malvici friends aid in gathering the right people to keep the humongous piles of compiled paperwork for the project outstandingly well-organized.

The end goal is to facilitate and speed up the whole process of accessing the right documentations, for permits and other legal matters, which may be required for the development of this clever and advantageous Southport effort.


Roll Result: 453

Southport Steel is a big success - with Lord Domonico and Lady Aahana working to get it established, they lead the way and make the plans. Waldemai helps set up armaments, Valenzo makes sure the materials are transported safely and on time. Princess Caelis helps by finding large groups of craftsmen to take on the tasks, and Duchess Calypso signs off on everything.

And their allies just keep on helping - Baroness Lucita gives aid, and Lady Miranda tests the weapons created. Santi helps test weapons too, and Princess Jaenelle not only approves the entire thing but brokers deals between Lenosia and Southport to provide access to ingots for extremely reasonable prices. Duchess Grazia provides the stone for the project, good Gemecittan stone at that. Lady Kaia and Baroness Ysabel, Seymour and Thea make sure everything is set up and all the workers are accounted for and taken care of, right down to the very last detail.

And Lady Roxana and Lord Martino make sure everyone knows exactly who's responsible for what is a triumph of Southport, and everyone is soon talking about all the wonderful advances made in Southport. The economy is booming, people are joining the army knowing that they'll be well-equipped to fight, and overall, things are looking up for now.