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Lord Braden Laurent

You will be safe... Or I will be dead.

Social Rank: 4
Concept: Trouble Making Protector
Fealty: Valardin
Family: Laurent
Gender: Male
Age: 24
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Knight
Height: 6'0"
Hair Color: Light Brown
Eye Color: Blue/Green
Skintone: Sun Kissed

Description: The young Laurent looks as attractive as most nobles do. A fine bone structure ensuring he has a handsome face, but given how little he seems to worry about shaving and keeping his hair perfect, he doesn't exactly fit in at high society gatherings. He always has a bit of a mischevieous smirk on his face, behind his short beard, as if he is always looking for something to get in trouble with, but in times of need, the seriousness he takes in keeping other people safe can be seen in his eyes which seem to shift colors depending on the current lighting.

(He has a peppermint stick in his mouth.)

Personality: Braden is generally rather carefree, enjoying being kind of laid back, that is, until he needs to be serious. Usually occuring when someone is in danger. He see's it as his job to keep his friends and family safe. His desire to protect does not stop there. He would lay down his life to keep just about anyone alive. He takes his training seriously, but on his off time he is quick to be a little snarky and a bit of a trouble maker.

Background: Growing up in Artshall and being so close to the boarder of the Lyceum, Braden took to the sword early. Not being in line for any kind of leadership rolls allowed him to concentrate more on his martial training than anything else.

When he was younger, his sword teacher was called to take care of an issue outside of the walls of Artshall. That teacher did not make it back alive, and this was a man that the young Lord greatly respected. It was at that point in time Braden decided to make it his duty to keep everyone he could alive.

Having decided that he had learned all he could from the people in Artshall, Braden left and made his way to Arx, where he figured either he will get better, or he is good enough and will continue his goal in keeping people safe. Only time will tell.

Name Summary
Aethan An impressive fighter -- maybe I'll leave sparring with him to my brother in the future as well.
Ajax A lording whose skilled with a blade, always interesting to run into those.
Alessandro Admirably walking after apparently being used for target practice -- considering my reaction to even a paper cut, he is to be commended for his fortitude.
Amari I saw him very bravely trying to subdue a shav by hugging her, so he's certainly not a coward and he can take quite a beating without complaint. He's also handsome and enthusiastic about nearly everything, like a big friendly, waggy tailed bloodhound.
Athaur Fresh to the city. But seems friendly enough at Laurent is a powerful house.
Brigida It's nice when strapping young men bow and offer you their service. I suppose I could find a use for him. Walking Oswald maybe.
Cristoph Apparently he helped torch that treehouse we all used to like so much. That thing was practically a family heirloom! Though now it explains why my father would never tell anyone who did it...
Delilah House Laurent produces some truly fine people in the Compact, and Lord Braden represents a continuation of that stream. Well-mannered, a bit of a flirt with easy charm, and apparently disposed to using that sword to shield others -- he has all the qualities that may take him far.
Domonico Earnest. Painfully so.
Giada Another nobleman. Favours the weaponizing of raccoons. I fail to see how this could go wrong.
Harlex Spirited. Determined. That's something, at least.
Helena Unerringly polite and affable, and a determined and tireless fighter of some skill, to be able to best Lord Ian Kennex.
Ian Usually people have had to see me fight to be willing to spar with me. This was a nice change, but fuck I'm tired.
Jasher A man of many words. We shall see if he can prove himself in the days to come.
Kedehern I admire his attempt at gallantry, but sometimes it's best just to club them over the head, honestly.
Kenna He really should keep better track of his things, hopefully that turns out. Hope he was serious about that not being a criminal thing.
Lucita A kind escort who volunteers to help with some tangled problems. He enjoys a whiskey with the rest of us, is well mannered during our conversations and quite enjoyable company.
Lycoris I'm not surprised he's a Laurent. Seems to be as sweet as honey; and I do hope I don't have to wait til summer to take off all this fur.
Mikani A man whose tongue is as smooth as silk. Wonder if he can put his sword where his mouth is.
Miranda Despite the seriousness of the conversation, his sense of humor remained intact. It wasn't inappropriate at all. A surprise, really, from a Valardin.
Norwood Good. Lord. Why. WHY.
Pharamond I appreciate the Sympathetic gesture.
Quintin A friendly sort, laid-back. We would probably get along well.
Reese A warrior with interest in protecting those around him. He seems to be an honorable and charming Lord.
Reigna A classic example of an Oathlander Lord. Kind, courteous and polite. Given he is a Laurent there is an immediate respect due him, a respect I feel confident is deserved.
Shiara He'd been shot but he handled it like it was nothing! I don't ever want to get shot but he looks like the kind of guy who might take that arrow for a little waif like me. At the end of it all he paints a good picture when it comes to the Laurents. Charming and good spirited. I like him.
Sorrel He's brave, I'll give him that, and he's willing to accept a crazy story, especially when it's true. I think he might make a great warrior someday in this grand battle that humanity finds itself embroiled in.
Teireno A very polite and noble Knight. I wish him the best in his endeavors to protect the innocent.
Valenzo A generous and thoughtful Oathlander lord, with a sturdy and properly-open mind. Hopefully he spreads his sense!
Vega A charming young man, warrior and lord of Laurent. Apparently seeking help in flirtation?
Vitalis A proper oathlander to be certain. I wonder what it would take to get beyond those polished manners...