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Dame Katryn Blanchard

Your honor is where you stand in your own eyes. If you permit it to become tarnished, what are you but a creature of shame?

Social Rank: 7
Concept: Chivalrous Passion
Fealty: Crownsworn
Family: Blanchard
Gender: female
Marital Status: Godsworn
Age: 24
Birthday: 12/11
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Knight
Height: 5'6"
Hair Color: honey blonde
Eye Color: hazel
Skintone: tanned fair

Description: Warm and vivid, Katryn is a dynamic woman painted in shades of gold and sunlight. Skin tawny with the sun's weathering, she has a solidity to her of sturdy muscle and powerful arms and legs that make little doubt that she would be a threat on the battlefield, yet her trim, young frame is not overbalanced by its stocky shape, softened by modest curves. Her hair is often bound in a honeyed crown of braids, the better for pinning beneath a helm, but when loose it streams as a shining cascade to the midst of her back, fine and silken. Her features are fine, a delicacy to the angle of jawline and the shape of her nose, though the curves of her cheeks are healthy, their apples inclined to a roseate glow. Her lips are soft and plump, leaving the suggestion of a natural pout.

Personality: A list of priorities, by Katryn Blanchard: (1) FOR GLORIA! (2) FOR THE FAITH! (3) FOR PERSONAL HONOR! (4) everything else, I guess.

Passion and verve, vivacity and drive: life defines Katryn, a buoyant wellspring of it, surging warm from the depths of her heart, undampened by reality. She loves, and she loves hard: glory, honor, the gods, the world, she _loves it_. She is not without an understanding of the darkness of the world, for she is a knight and a soldier first and foremost, and innocence dies quickly upon the battlefield. But she is a woman of dawn and hope, for whom victory _is_ the battle fought. A principled idealist with a warm strain of compassion and mercy well at hand, Katryn is stubbornly sunny, applying a considerable raw force of willpower to problems -- paired with a powerful imagination that has rarely failed her in situations where it became likely it was time to think 'outside the box'. Orthodox need not mean rigid, and Katryn is flexible about her thinking in ways she need not be flexible about her honor and morality, which are the bedrock on which all is raised.

Background: Song and story, legend and hymn: what makes a knight in the Oathlands grin? Prayer and focus, derring and do, she raises her spear and charges true!

Raised as a daughter of a cadet branch of the Blanchard family, Katryn had few marital ambitions, even though they were to what she ought to have been born. Though her duty was to her family, even as a very young girl, she embraced legend and tale, dreaming of paladins. Boldness was her favored trait in the heroes she worshipped, but not only bravery but the panoply and pomp of knighthood. Parades lured her whenever there was one, and whenever she could wheedle campaign tales from soldiers and cavalrymen around the holding, she would carefully sit by the fire and illustrate them with colored ink and paper, her imagination free-wheeling far beyond the truth of the matter into the fantastic.

The embrace of religion need not be the embrace of dourness. There is a beauty in service, and a wondrous inspiration that can come of serving something greater than you are, and it was these that drew Katryn to the Church. It was a sad parting, from her family, but not an unexpected one, for her many hours at prayer and illustration were consistent, and any ambitions her family might have had to make an advantageous match were thwarted by the driven passion of Katryn's own will.

As a young templar, she cut her teeth in conflicts with the Shav'Arvani, and the glowing pennants of her optimism were cut with the shade of reality; in her years of service since she has taken her oath, she has come to understand the darker side of war, the parts of the story soaked in blood and sorrow. But never has she lost the glamour of the knight, nor the brilliance of her dreams of Gloria.

Story and legend, power and song, how does a Templar right what's wrong? Faith and fierceness, honor beheld, she stands and fights til the enemy's felled.

Name Summary
Anisha Dame Katryn Blanchard of the Templars - young and fresh-faced and very impressive in her armour. It's a delight to meet someone as impressed with Princess Reese as I am, and I -do- love the look of a woman in armour.
Appolonia Anybody who gives me a free drink is a good soul at heart.
Bianca That optimism in her shines with more pristine polish than even the finest of armors. I wish there were more people like her -- or perhaps more I wish we lived in a world that more easily fostered people like her. Your dreams are not silly, Katryn; they're a sign of the strength of your spirit.
Cadenza Oh no. She really is that innocent.
Gabriella Such an impassioned woman. So bright, so friendly. But most of all, I can see a heart of fire there in those eyes. I find myself quite partial to the look.
Gawain My beautiful muscular cousin has returned to add to the beef ratios of our fine house!
Hamish A polite godsworn lady knight Templar who wears many hats and should definitely not blame herself if she doesn't recognie the occasional plain-faced man for an archlector of the Faith.
Ignacio Such a pure heart. I fear to see what will become of her after Cadenza and Gabriella get ahold of her. Or maybe after she gets ahold of them.
Jourdain My daughter might have grown to become a young woman like Dame Katryn.
Mabelle A peculiar Knight. Can hold her drink. Or at least I hope.
Preston A loyal and devoted templar, she seems to understand both passion and temperance, and has a mind for more than just the military and simple concepts of glory. The first steps towards greatness, hopefully.
Reese A blonde warrior knight of the Templars! She has a great deal of positive energy and I very much look forward to working with her. I can see why Gloria choose her and why she choose Gloria. It is exciting to meet her.
Richard A Templar should always be steadfast. Her ability to work to defend Gawain even in the face of such manifest tomfoolery is a tribute to that.
Sabella A fine Templar who is very concerned about proper appearances, which is very sweet of her! It's always nice to know that those entrusted with our protections want to make sure they're doing things correctly and it shall help me sleep better at night knowing she's one of them!
Sylvi They cannot all be scholars, but what is most important is a fair heart, open mind, and the courage to do what is right. Dame Katryn has all of those things in spades.
Verity Her shining suit and fine words have convinced me that she is a model templar. I'm not exactly sure what templars do with all their time, but she is very excited about templaring about, so I will take her as the authority!
Zoey One must be braze to go alone into the night in such a state. Or foolish.